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 Executive Producer 

Sue Hinds

A Fame fan since the very first episode, Sue built a treasured friendship with cast member Valerie Landsburg after writing to her as a child.  


After school Sue went to Swansea University where she studied Ancient History, Literature and Civilisation.  Torn between the academic life and her love of film and theatre, Sue was involved in many amateur groups and societies and she was constantly writing scripts and stories and in 1998 she wrote, produced and directed her own play called “A Blast From The Past”.  


Sue chose to keep her creative skills as hobbies but moved away from Academia with a BAHons degree as she morphed her professional career into the world of public service, specifically policing.


A career detective, Sue has adopted many roles within the force and is currently a T/Detective Inspector leading a Child Exploitation team in Merseyside.  


Still carrying a love of the performing arts, producing the Fame UK Reunion feels like the most natural thing in the world, it is almost as though every path she has taken thus far has led her to this event. Sue is very proud of the fact that she has managed to spend significant parts of her life dedicated to the things she loves most, and she very much looks forward to her next chapter.  

 DIRECTOR  Daniel Maguire
 MUSICAL DIRECTOR  Kecco Recchia & Paolo Iannattone
 MUSIC  The Paul Nose Band
 SINGERS  Sophie Fraser, Tom Urie, Helen Welsh, Nikita Chambers
 DANCERS  Students at LIPA
 MARKETING & SPONSORSHIP  Franklin van Liempt

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