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The original cast of the smash hit TV show "Fame" reunite for their 40th anniversary.
Following the huge success of the 2019 reunion concerts in Liverpool, the cast are coming back to the UK to perform for you again and to celebrate with you the 40th anniversary of the show airing in the UK.  

As well as concerts, there will also be a fan convention, providing the opportunity to meet and greet the cast - obtain photos and autographs.  

There will be souvenirs available for purchase, should you wish to partake, however you will not be charged for taking your own photos or collecting your own autographs.

Here you can purchase:

  • Tickets for the convention on Sunday 11th September 2022

You can purchase a ticket for the full day; which will give you access to the morning convention, the afternoon convention and the cast Q&A, as well as sticking around for some lunch (which is provided), and maybe you can persuade some of the cast to stick around with you..?

Alternatively you can buy individual tickets for any aspect of the day that you wish : 

  • Entrance to the convention in the morning only.

  • Entrance to the convention in the afternoon only.

  • Entrance to the cast Q&A only. 

  • Or any combination you choose. 

There is also the opportunity to purchase a group photo.  This will be a professional photo of you and the cast.  Once taken, the image will be uploaded to a digital platform from where you can retrieve it.  Group photos will be taken at an appropriate time during both the morning and the afternoon conventions. 


Birmingham Repertory Theatre, B1 2EP

The award winning Funky Voices Choir will perform a medley of fame songs during the lunch break at the convention

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