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Paul Nose Band

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PAUL NOSE is the stage name of Italian singer-songwriter and musician Kecco Recchia whose distinctive pop is a fusion of blues, rock, funk and the jazzy Italian songwriting tradition. 


Born and raised in Italy, a very intense professional activity and 4 albums in Italian language as KECCORE’ that brought him on every sort of stage and even in a n Italian blockbuster movie “Pane e Burlesque” portraying himself for... 7 seconds, in 2011 Kecco moves to NY (USA) to start crafting his songwriting path in English language and to work with vocal coach Mary Setrakian (Mary J Blige, Nicole Kidman, James Gandolfini) at Susan Batson Studio. 


Studying and gigging regularly in NY (Triad Theatre, Stone Wall, Duplex,...) strengthens his awareness as a storyteller in another language. The NY experience turns into his debut album PLUG AND PRAY, released in 2012 as PAUL NOSE.


The UK is quite clearly the next place to be and in 2013 he moves to Nottingham to promote his English songs keeping working on his music in the land of his heroes and to build a new professional network. He starts gigging both as a one-man-band and as a singer and musician with some East Midlands artists. Between 2014 and 2018 plays the role of Paul McCartney with The Cheatles, one of the finest and well known British Beatles tribute band performing across the globe.


In 2019 with his PAUL NOSE BAND is in charge of the music direction of the FAME UK Reunion held in Liverpool: it’s a magic way to close a circle as a Beatles fan who got his first inspiration as a songwriter and a performer watching as a kid the that TV show. 

The Paul Nose band comprises:

Kecco Recchia - guitar
Pierpaolo Cipo Giandomenico - bass
Paolo Iannattone - keyboards
Lello Patruno - drums


After 4 singles and a summer full of gigs between Italy and England he has  released his second album called 'EXIT' on Nov 2nd 2021.

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