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In 2017, P.R. Paul was asked to participate in a concert to benefit the Actor's Fund in Los Angeles with his Fame cast mates. He had such a great time reconnecting & performing with everybody that it gave him the idea to create a music video for a song called "Satellite" that he co-wrote with his writing partner, Ralph Stevens. 

P.R. pitched the idea to his Fame cast mates and they all agreed. He also asked Valerie Landsburg to direct and she jumped on board. The music video is a not-for-profit project that will benefit two youth-centered charity organizations (one for at-risk teens in Nashville called StreetSolid and another one that provides music education for students of all backgrounds called The Maine Youth Rock Orchestra). 


Once their cast mates were on board, Val and P.R. were faced with the logistical issue of having everyone live in different cities. Val is a fan of the "Playing For Change" videos so she conceptualized the idea of recording everyone singing the song live to track in their respective home towns. Doing this would also allow Fame fans a small glimpse into the cast's respective personal environments. All cast members agreed and went to work.


The reason behind why P.R. decided to embark on this project is interesting. P.R. was very close to his father, Alvin Rosenbaum. When Alvin passed in 1989, P.R. decided to take over the family business his father worked so hard to establish (a boutique in a beach resort town in Fire Island, NY). He semi-retired from acting as it wasn't possible to serve two masters. 


In 2007, out of nowhere and with no symptoms, P.R. was diagnosed with Stage 4 Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma. After 6 months of intense treatments, he worked for 2 more years with the mindset of wrapping up and selling the business, which he did in 2010. P.R. wanted to downgrade stress in his life and savor his newfound lease on life.  He went back to first love - acting, writing music, etc.


P.R. knew that he experienced nothing short of a miracle with his healing. He strongly felt that his gratitude for life and all the bounties he has been gifted with MUST be passed on. Valerie and his other Fame cast mates also feel incredibly blessed and giving back to the community is important to all of them. 


This is how and why the 'Satellite' project came to be.


The video is produced by Valerie Landsburg, P.R. Paul and Ralph Stevens. It features cast members Jesse Borrego, Lee Curreri, Cynthia Gibb, Erica Gimple, Carlo Imperato, Val Landsburg, P. R. Paul & Nia Peeples. 


The song “Satellite” is produced by James McVay, P.R. Paul and Ralph Stevens. There is also an MP3 version of the Song plus a 10-minute companion piece for Fame fans. 


"Satellite" will have its premiere release on the "One Show" in the U.K. on Sept 5th. 


The video will also be simultaneously released on YouTube for free streaming. The MP3 and the 10 minute piece will also be available on Amazon and iTunes, etc. for purchase. 


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