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 Dance, Sing, Eat, socialise, laugh, fame fun

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So What exactly is the Fame Family Experience? Well we have come up with a packed itinerary of fun Fame Events  to keep fans  busy for the  whole bank holiday weekend, fitted in around the 2 Reunion Concerts and the VIP package events.  To kick things off there's the Ultimate Fame party to welcome everyone, where we can sing and dance the night away to all the Fame songs we know and love.

There is a packed convention type day of events with a cast Q&A where you get to ask our 8 Fame stars everything you've ever wanted to know! We have a Fame Pub Quiz where we test your knowledge on the show and it's cast. Plus there will be a Q&A with some special guests, who know the cast the best. There will be Exclusive recorded messages and Q&As from some of the cast and dancers who can't actually be with us in person .  There's a Merchandise auction, raffle and the premiere of a new Fame Fan Documentary, detailing why fame is still so important to its legion of fans after all these years.  The final day will end with farewell meal before we head to the final concert and there will also be a free dancing in the streets event, open to everyone, where we will be making a video to show the cast!   

One of the most wonderful aspects of any "Fame" Reunion is meeting the other fans. Like minded people who share your love of

Fame. People who know exactly what you are talking about when you mention the fine detail of your favourite episodes. People

who are  equally excited by even the slightest glimpse of your favourite "Fame" stars. People who are equally willing to make fools of themselves as you re-create dance moves in the street. People you just want to talk to all night; People who understand and share

your tears because it all means as much to them as it does to you. These People will become as close as brothers and sisters.  They

will become part of your Family.  These are the People you will meet at the Fame U.K. Family Experience who will share this ride of a lifetime.  

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