Fame U.K. Reunion is all about The Fans!

Come Join the Party because we want to hear from you.  Send us your:

 - Dance videos and show us how you are preparing for "Hot Times In The City Streets"!

 - Videos  of you singing any of the classic Fame songs.

 - Pictures of you taken with the cast

 - Pictures of you from back in the day dressed in your Fame outfits. 

 - Stories of meeting the cast on their previous trips to the U.K.


                Destination Fame U.K. Reunion 2019!

Need Information on Hotels in Liverpool and where they are located in relation to our venues?

Travelling to Liverpool and want to travel with other fans?are 

Looking to share accommodation with other Fans?

Looking to get to know other fans, who are attending the Reunion, better? 

Want to plan for fans to meet up in Liverpool?

Got any questions about the Reunion and Fame Family Experience?

Then the Destination Facebook  group is for you. 


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lay back and be cool lyric clue.jpg

                     Fame U.K. Reunion Location Clues!


Were you puzzling over the Cryptic Clues we sent out in our Newsletters each week?

Well puzzle no more as we explain what they were all about.

                                                                  Clues Explained