Fame uk 2019 location coordinates challa

During the Reunion Pre-launch campaign our newsletters contained Clues to work out the co-ordinates for the location of the Reunion. 

Everyone who completed every part of each clue and can show us not only their correct answers but their working out will gain 5 additional entries into the Group Reunion Cast Photo Competition.

Good Luck Everyone


Competition is open to everyone who signed up to the Fame U.K. Reunion Newsletters. 

Giving 5 additional entries to the Group Reunion Cast Photo Competition to everyone who submits a correct set of location co-ordinates and provides us with the answers to every individual part of the clues that we gave.

If answer is not provided for every part of each clue then the entry will be void.

Photo sessions will take place on Sunday 5th May 2019 and Monday 6th May 2019 after the Reunion Concerts. 

No cash equivalent will be available. Winner to pay their own expenses to the location.

Judges decision final.

Competition closes 30th September 2018 at 8.00pm (U.K. Time)

Entries submitted after this time will not be counted.

Winner will be announced by 8th October 2018

*cast members may change depending on availability.)