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            Fame U.K. Reunion Location Clues Explained!


 Clue 1

 The Key word from the "Lay Back and Be Cool" lyric was "Bread". 

"Bread" is the name of a very popular U.K. 80's TV comedy that was set in Liverpool! 

It was pure coincidence that "South" was in the next line but that was just a red herring! 


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 Clue 2

 The "Mannequin" clue was connected to the 1987 movie "Mannequin".                                                                   The female lead in that movie was "Sex and the City's" Kim Cattral who was born in Liverpool.

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 Clue 3

 The Key word in the "A Special Place" clue was "Echoing".

This referred to the exact location the Reunion Concerts will be held. The picture shows the Kids in the Auditorium. The Concerts are being held at the Auditorium at the Echo Arena. 

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 Clue 4

 This one was a little more complex and was all about what isn't in the picture rather than what is.

In the song "Don't Throw Away Your Dreams" the preceding word to these lyrics is "Yesterday".

In the song "Childhood's End" the preceding word to these lyrics is "Help".

"Yesterday" and "Help" were of course very famous songs by the Beatles, who came from Liverpool! 

Two to the power of love.png

 Clue 5

 The key words from "Two To The Power of Love" are "The Power of Love".

That is the title of the huge number one selling hit song from 1984 by Frankie Goes To Hollywood, who came from Liverpool! 


 Clue 6

 The key words from "Songs" is "Song" and also that Jimmy Osmond is in the picture.

Jimmy's biggest selling U.K. song was "Long Haired Lover From Liverpool".

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 Clue 7

 This one isn't really to do with the lyric but more about what is going on in the four pictures.

 Lydia is on a date with Jim Hamilton. Jim of course is blind. So the key words are "Blind" and "Date". 

 "Blind date" was a huge Saturday night TV show back in the 80s and 90s hosted by famous Liverpudlian Cilla Black. In recent years the show has been resurrected with Paul O'Grady as the host. Paul is also from Liverpool.

Erica Gimpel The Show must go on Clue..j

 Clue 8

The key words in this clue are Paul and Linda for Paul and Linda McCartney who were from Liverpool.

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 Clue 9

The final clue has no words and is just pictures of the casts and is an anagram.

We are looking at the first letter of their names. Once you've got the 9 letters if you put them into the correct order they spell Liverpool.

With the black and white pictures you are looking at the first letter of the cast member's real name. With the colour pictures you're looking at the first letter of the character's name.

The answers are:

PR Paul (Paul Rosenbaum) who played Montgomery

Ian Ware who was played by Michael Cerveris

Valerie Landburg who played Doris

Elizabeth Sherwood who was played by Carol Mayo Jenkins

Lori Singer who played Julie

Reggie Higgins who was played by Carrie Hamilton 

Olivia Barash who played Maxie Sharpe

Leroy Johnson who was played by Gene Anythony Ray

Otis Sallid who played Brent in "U.N. Week" but more importantly he was Fame's assistant choreographer. 


               It was all just as simple as that!!