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 Dance, Sing, Eat, socialise, laugh, fame fun



                   Saturday 4th May 2019 - 7.30pm to 1.00am - Holiday Inn Liverpool

                                                                 COME JOIN THE PARTY  -  WELCOME NIGHT


It's Showtime at The Ultimate Fame Party with DJ/Host/Actor/Musician and Fame Fan Tom Urie at the helm as he Blasts The Music  and we show our Body Language on the L.E.D dance floor.  You'll be Dancing Endlessly to all those "Fame" classic songs we all know and love but they never play at any other DISCO!.


Dress Up and have your photo taken in front of the Magic mirror as a keep sake of this magical night. A Buffet spread will be provided and the Bar will be open for you to purchase your drinks. Hopefully we'll be joined by a couple of the Fame stars.


We'll end the Evening as we sing a long to a couple of Fame Songs before we go off happily in to the night.

                   Sunday 5th May 2019 - 10.00am to 5.30pm - Holiday Inn Liverpool

                                                               THE SHOW MUST GO ON -  EVENTS DAY


We're on Dream Street as we go From Strength To Strength with a jam packed day of Fame fun and madness. The 8 Fame U.K. Cast Members will be joining us for a one hour Question and Answer session, hosted by the wonderful Tom Urie; Where you can ask everything you've ever wanted to know. (VIP Ticket holders will have seats in the front  row and will be guaranteed time to ask their question.  Time allowing other questions will be chosen randomly). 

Other Cast members and dancers who  can't be present in the U.K. will be sending  recorded messages and some will be answering questions that fans will have submitted.

We'll get a chance to ask  some special guests, questions about cast. These will be the people who know the cast the best, partners, parents and children of our beloved Fame stars.

We also have Special Fame Guests yet to be announced!

We'll also have the Premiere of a brand new Fan Documentary film made and directed by Myles Thompson as he tries to discover  exactly what makes Fame so loved by it's army of fans.

"And The Winner Is?" Are you the biggest Fame fan ever? We'll end the day with a Fame Team Quiz. Join a team and Test your knowledge against all the other teams as we see who will light up the sky like a flame!


A buffet lunch will be included and special merchandise will be on sale throughout the day.  If you're Lucky enough for Two, there will also be special prizes available for people to win.  

Just when you think it's all over, the excitement will actually only just be starting. Have you bought  your tickets for the Fame U.K. Reunion Concert?  

                 Monday 6th May 2019 - 12.00pm to 2.00pm - Holiday Inn Liverpool

                                                                 LIFE IS A CELEBRATION -  GOODBYE MEAL


It's Better With A Friend as we sit down one final time with old friends and new ones we've made; we'll raise a glass and share a 2 course meal, in anticipation of the final concert later that afternoon. We'll reflect on the wonderful times we've shared together over the last few days and look forward to the magic ahead.  The end may be in sight but we'll carry with us all "Love and hope". We'll laugh, maybe even shed a few tears as It dawns on us that those dreams that we dared to dream really have come true and that this really is A Very Special Place. 

Earlybird Tickets Cost £150.00 pounds  for the VIP  Super Fan package, giving front row seats for the Q&A events and a guaranteed opportunity to ask one question at the cast Q&A.   and  £125.00 for the Fame Fan package. Prices increase to £160.00 (for Super Fan package) and £135.00 (for Fame Fan package) from November 6th 2018. 

TERMS AND CONDITIONS: Tickets cannot be exchanged or refunded after purchase other than in the event of cancellation of the Fame Family Experience. Wristbands will be provided that will need to be worn at all times during the events. Failure to comply could result in refusal of entry.  We Reserve the right, to refuse admission to any person and/or to eject any person from the venue if it considered that person’s behaviour or conduct is causing, or is likely to cause (without limitation), damage; injury; nuisance; or distress to others: without a refund. It is your responsibility to keep your personal possessions safe at all times whilst at the venue. The Holiday Inn nor the Organiser shall be liable for the loss, damage or theft of any items. It is illegal to smoke anywhere at the venue, including Use of E-cigarettes, (apart from designated areas outside )and anyone caught smoking will be ejected without refund. Fame Cast members may vary depending on prior commitments. We reserve the right to changed the planned itinerary in the event of any unforeseen circumstances.  Only people in possession of a VIP Super fan ticket will be guaranteed to be able to ask a question at the cast Q&A Event.  Mobile phones to be turned off or to silent during Q&A and Film Events. Everyone must love FAME!