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Dancing In The Streets

One of the Free Fame Family Experience events will be fans Dancing in the Streets of Liverpool. Hot Times in the City Streets has been created by Brian Mattocks. Fans will perform basic dance moves at various locations around the City and create a fan video which will later be shown to the Reunion Cast. The event is open to all. None of us are professionals we are just fans wanting to have some crazy Fame fun.


The steps have been pitched so that anyone and everyone can take part. There will even be some sitting down steps, so no excuses. We want to see your crazy moves and Fame fancy dress outfits. No registration  is required. We will just tell you where we will be and you can come along to take part or just cheer us on.

A Video Fans created in Italy. There was no planning and not much time but we had fun.

Brian's Introduction Video

The Dance Moves

Thumping Step

The Lunge

Side stretch Bends


Bow and Arrow


Fountain Warm Up


Brian is also looking for your ideas for dance moves and how we can make this event as fun as possible. 


If you want to make a suggestion contact Brian at 



A Couple of Easy  Steps already suggested.


It's also suggested that we could possibly perform a Fame flash mob on the streets of Liverpool.

The dance routine in this video looks pretty straight forward. So we are encouraging people to learn it as there won't much time to practice when we are there and we'll see if we can pull it off.